Applegate Road / Atwater Blvd / Winton Way Intersection Improvements

The City of Atwater is implementing several capacity increasing improvements at the intersection to alleviate congestion. Improvements include reconstruction to improve lane alignment and reduce the angle between the intersecting roadways, roadway widening for the addition of a southbound right turn lane, and modification of the westbound trapped right lane to a through-right lane.

Applegate Road has an ADT of roughly 15,000 in the project vicinity and is one of only two routes that provides access between the City and State Route 99. Congestion in the project area is typical during peak hour commutes due to traffic demand on Applegate Road and the proximity of the Applegate Road/Atwater Boulevard/Winton Way Intersection to the State Route 99/Applegate Road interchange. Additional project elements and responsibilities include the following:

• Coordination with Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) due to an at-grade rail crossing immediately south of the intersection.

• Widening along the approach roadways

• Addition/reconstruction of raised median

• ADA improvements

• Driveway reconstruction and modifications to property frontages

• Relocation of utilities

• Reconstruction of a poorly deteriorated section of pavement on one of the approaches

• Addition of a southbound right turn lane and a signal modification at the Applegate Road/Sycamore Avenue intersection

• Review of roadway plans prepared by the City, and development of technical specifications and engineer’s estimate for roadway items

• Design support during construction