SR-184 (Morning Drive) / UPRR Grade Separation

The project was initiated by Kern County to study alternatives for grade separating SR-184 Morning Drive from the UPRR Mojave Subdivision tracks. Based on a study completed by the Kern Council of Governments in 2011, this existing at-grade crossing was identified as the highest priority crossing in Kern County to grade separate within the next 5 to 10 years.

As the first step in delivering the project, a PSR-PDS document was completed to document viable overhead and underpass alternatives and estimated project delivery costs. As the prime consultant, NCM was responsible for project management and coordination, alternatives development and assessment, utilities and right of way studies, preliminary roadway, civil and bridge engineering, storm water data report, and development of the PSR-PDS and supporting documentation for overall project cost and delivery schedule. The study and supporting documentation is being used by the County to seek funding and to program the project for delivery over the next several fiscal years.