Standard Street Pavement Rehabilitation

NCM is responsible for utility coordination, roadway and drainage design and development of PS&E for this one mile long roadway rehabilitation project in Kern County using the Cold-In-Place Recycle method.

Standard Street is a two lane roadway of varying width that serves a highly industrial area of Bakersfield. Heavy truck and industrial traffic, as well as deferred maintenance over the years has resulted in a deteriorated pavement condition that continues to worsen.

The County initiated this pilot project to determine the effectiveness and potential benefits of implementing cold in-place recycling (CIR) on deteriorating County roads where limited funding is available for rehab.

Key project features and elements include the following:

• CIR from Gilmore Avenue to the cul-de-sac just north of Atlas Court with recycle depth of approximately 0.35 feet and placement of a 0.17 feet HMA wearing course

• Study of required CIR equipment clearances to identify potential vertical obstructions that may need to be modified prior to construction

• Coordination of all survey work performed by the County

• Utility conflict studies/identification and coordination

• Development of solutions for a historical drainage issue on the east side of Standard Street

• Update of the County’s boilerplate specifications for consistency with Caltrans 2010 Standard Specifications

• Development of PS&E

• Design support during construction