Kern River Parkway Trail Extension

Kern County has initiated this project to develop and study alternatives for extending the Kern River Parkway Bike Trail from its current terminus at State Route 43 (Enos Lane) to the Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area. The roughly 6 mile extension would provide bicyclists a complete route from Lake Ming to Buena Vista Lake covering over 30 miles of trail.

Specific project alternatives include continuation of the trail along the Kern River, extension along State Route 43 (Enos Lane), and extension along the Alejandro Canal. The project will analyze feasibility of each alternative with respect to engineering, environmental and land use constraints. Specific project elements include:

• Compile and review existing mapping, studies, right of way & as-built info

• Plan line alternative development

• Planning level cost estimates

• Documentation of feasibility analysis in a technical memo to the County