Tulare County Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program

NCM is responsible for development of a Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program for the County’s inventory of more than 340 bridges using field review documentation compiled by the County. The plan will cover around 210 bridges with a total program cost of approximately $30 million.

NCM assessed the County’s bridge inventory to identify structures that qualify for Bridge Preventive Maintenance under the Federal Highway Bridge Program, as well as to identify those better suited for rehabilitation or replacement funding. Main responsibilities and project features include the following:

• Review of Caltrans inspection reports and County field review notes

• Development of a bridge inventory database

• Scoring of bridges with respect to needed maintenance measures

• Ranking of bridges based on maintenance measures scoring

• Development of planning level cost estimates for full project delivery for each bridge in the program

• Development of a 5-year delivery plan with bridges grouped by fiscal year

• Development of a Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program Report