Kings County Bridge Preventative Maintenance Program

NCM was selected by the County to develop a Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program for the County’s inventory of 110 bridges, to clear and permit needed maintenance improvements under CEQA and NEPA and to develop PS&E for implementation of bridge preventive maintenance improvements. The program cost is estimated at more than $31 million.

The County’s 110 bridges consist of various types with many crossing natural drainage / creek channels with sensitive environmental settings. Responsibilities and key project features include the following:

• Evaluation of as-built information and bridge maintenance and inspection reports and completion of field reviews for condition verification

• Documentation of field review findings and recommendations for the BPMP plan

• Identification of bridges that qualify for rehabilitation or replacement under the Federal Highway Bridge Program

• Development of cost estimates to complete the recommended maintenance improvements

• Development of a BPMP Plan report to document findings, costs and recommendations

• Environmental analysis and documentation for the needed maintenance improvements and securing the required permits

• Development of PS&E, including traffic control plans and design support during construction