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NCM principals and staff provide civil engineering services that encompass all phases of transportation project delivery from planning, preliminary engineering and environmental clearance support through final design, development of PS&E and construction support. Project types include the following:

Roadway and Highway Rehabilitation and Widening
Highway Safety Improvements
Roadway Extensions
Intersection modifications
Roadway/Railroad Grade Separations
Roadway to Expressway and Expressway to Freeway Conversions
Interchange Modifications/Reconstruction and New Interchanges
Bridge Rehabilitation and Seismic Retrofit
Bridge Widening
Bridge Replacement and New Bridges
Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities

Highways & Roadways
NCM principals and staff manage and design projects that include local roads, roadway and railroad grade separations, conventional highways, freeways and freeway interchanges.

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NCM principals and staff manage and design highway and railroad structures projects that include roadway/highway crossings, roadway/railroad grade separations, creek and river bridges and major water crossings.

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Pedestrian & Bicycle Facilities
NCM provides planning and final design services for pedestrian and bicycle facilities, such as Class I paths and mixed use trails.

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