Standard Street Alternative Access Separation of Grade

Kern County initiated this project to improve circulation and safety for the Standard Street Industrial Area. The project will construct a secondary access route to the industrial area by extending Atlas Street from Atlas Court just west of Standard Street to a new intersection with Landco Drive, south of the existing Hageman Road / Knudsen Road intersection.

Construction of the new grade separation required development and approval of a full CPUC application and a construction and maintenance agreement with the SJVR. In addition, the railroad bridge must be constructed and operational for railroad traffic within a 3-day weekend railroad shut-down period, without the use of a shoofly. To avoid impacts to railroad operations, NCM is designing a bridge comprised of nearly all precast concrete elements that can be constructed using accelerated construction techniques. Tie-back soldier pile walls are being designed to facilitate top-down construction of the underpass roadway after the bridge is operational. Project responsibilities and features include the following:

• Management of preliminary engineering, environmental clearance, final design and PS&E

• Railroad coordination, including development of a full CPUC application for a new railroad crossing and coordination of the railroad agreement between the County and the SJVR

• Alternatives development and assessment

• Utility research, conflict identification and relocation coordination

• Development of right of way requirements and acquisition coordination

• Permitting support

• Design approval coordination with the City of Bakersfield for project portions within City jurisdiction, including roadway extensions, a new signal at the Hageman Rd / Knudsen Rd intersection, realignment of a City irrigation canal and a new culvert at the realigned canal for the new Landco Drive extension

• Development of a railroad bridge design that utilizes accelerated construction techniques and staging with precast concrete components to build the bridge within a 3-day weekend railroad shutdown

• Design of tie-back walls to allow top down construction of the grade separation with the roadway being excavated and constructed after rail traffic is running on the new bridge

• Development of final design and PS&E for civil, roadway and structures components

• Design support during construction